Frequently asked questions

Paralegals are law practitioners that are not solicitors or barristers. Typically paralegals will have a legal qualification (like a law degree) or have legal experience (such as working for a law firm) or both.

  • If someone takes you to court claiming that you allegedly owe them money and you need to defend yourself
  • If you need to take someone to court and need assistance with regard to the process
  • If you need assistance in a Matrimonial or Family Law matter
  • If you wish to take action against your employer through a Tribunal
  • If you need help or advice regarding a grievance or disciplinary hearing
  • To assist you in a housing, landlord or tenant matter
  • To assist you with any welfare matter

 These are just some examples so if you are unsure please email us with your query and we will be happy to assist.

To save costs. Paralegals can perform many of the tasks where you would naturally think of using a solicitor – but they are considerably more affordable. 

A 40 minute appointment costs £89.00. We will also pre-assess your enquiry before the 40 minute appointment. If you need more time then the charges are £44.50 per additional 20 minute blocks.

We can provide you with affordable legal advice. Some of our staff have a considerable amount of legal experience in the field or area they work in.

We do not have the overheads or costs solicitors firms have. We use an easy to access, affordable business model as an alternative to using a solicitor. Many matters clients have do not necessarily require a solicitor.

Appointments take place over the phone. We will call you on the date and time of the appointment to discuss your enquiry with you to try and resolve your problem or provide the advice you need.

The minimum appointment time is 40 minutes which should be enough to either resolve your matter or to brief you with some initial advice. If on receipt of your enquiry we feel you need more time we shall contact you to arrange a longer appointment time. If the 40 minute appointment is not enough then depending on availability we can either elongate the appointment time in 20 minute blocks or arrange another booking for you to continue. If you need to come back at any time you are welcome to do so.

We will deal with this during the appointment if possible or thereafter within the time you have paid for. We will always tell you if there any additional charges in advance.

Yes this would be very helpful. After you have made a booking you will receive an email with instructions to send over any relevant documents.

Currently we cover employment law, Small Claims court, family law, contract law, consumer law, property law but we will be adding more and more areas of law to our service.

No these are reserved activities which we are not permitted to carry out. You would need to go to a solicitor or a barrister. What we can do is to assist you if you are going to Court with some advice. We can also help you find a public access barrister if this is suitable for your case.

Certain barristers have specific training where members of the public can use a barrister without using a solicitor. It may be the case that most of the work can be done by you with our help and you then use a public access barrister should you need to attend court or a tribunal. Where we feel you need a solicitor we will inform you of this.

In most cases we can guide you through the process step by step.

Yes. If you have been to Citizens Advice and still think you need help then please feel free to book an appointment.

Yes. If you feel that after visiting a solicitor you need help or assistance in interpreting or understanding the advice given then please feel free to book an appointment.

Yes. We can help small businesses in a number of ways. Whether your matter relates to employment and employees, data protection, disputes or property we can most likely help you. Many small businesses can benefit from low legal costs by using Use a Paralegal.

Yes. We can help employees with payment issues, grievances and disciplinary hearings. If you would like to talk to us to obtain advice because you have a problem at work or because you may need help with bringing a grievance or attending a disciplinary hearing then please do book an appointment.

Yes. Even if you are based abroad you can still book an appointment.

Yes. We offer a 20% discount for qualifying customers. Please email us your proof of disability which may be a Blue Badge, a disability benefit letter, a signed medical letter from your GP or Consultant, a certification of visual impairment or an access card and we shall arrange a discounted booking for you.