Affordable legal advice for everyone

About Use a Paralegal

“Use a Paralegal” began with the idea that legal advice should be easily accessible and affordable for everyone. Our aim is simple – to provide good legal advice, quickly, easily and reliably at a low-cost.

Paralegals are law practitioners that are not solicitors or barristers but can perform many of the tasks where you would naturally think of using a solicitor but they are considerably more affordable.

Most solicitors hourly rates start at £200 to £250 per hour. They will typically require an initial deposit of funds in advance to review your matter and before doing so will need to set you up as a client which normally requires you to provide identification and to complete account opening forms so you can be on-boarded as a client.

“Use a Paralegal” has no lengthy on-boarding process and booking an appointment is easy. Use a Paralegal can advise you so you may represent yourself as Litigant in Person (LIP) or advise you to a point until you need a solicitor or barrister. Use a Paralegal can also help you use a public access barrister should you require representation at court. This means that you may not require a solicitor. All of this will help save costs..

Small claims court, employment law, landlord & tenant, contracts,

property law, family law, legal advice for small businesses...

Small claims court, employment law, landlord & tenant, contracts, property law, family law, legal advice for small businesses...

How Use a Paralegal can help you

“Use a Paralegal” can help private individuals, small businesses, start-ups, charities, resident management companies and other non-profit organisations.

You may have obtained free legal advice from Citizens Advice or a Legal Clinic but may feel you need more help or advice. Remember not every legal query requires a solicitor. We can help you represent yourself or help to resolve your legal problem for you.

“Use a Paralegal” can help you if :-

Someone takes you to court claiming that you allegedly owe them money and you need to defend yourself.
You need to take someone to court and need assistance with regard to the process.
You need assistance in a Matrimonial or Family Law matter.
You wish to take action against your employer through an Employment Tribunal.
You need help or advice regarding a grievance or disciplinary hearing.
You need assistance in a housing, landlord or tenant matter.
You need assistance with a welfare matter.



Low Cost

A 40 minute appointment only costs £89.00. This fee also includes a quick initial review of the information you send in beforehand. We aim to answer your query or put you on the right track during your appointment. If you need more time then the charges are £44.50 per additional 20 minute blocks.


Same day appointments

No waiting, no lengthy onboarding process. We understand that legal issues can be stressful so we offer same day appointments (subject to availability).


7 days a week

Need legal advice on a weekend or evening? We are open and available on Saturdays, Sundays and evenings.



“Use a Paralegal” paralegals are regulated by the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP) and/or the Institute of Paralegals. We follow the NALP Code of Conduct and Ethics or the IOP Paralegal Code of Conduct.